A method of producing a non-porous mat includes coating a predominantly glass fiber porous web substrate. The coating comprises an aqueous mixture of a mineral pigment; a first binder material comprised of a polymer latex adhesive material; and, a second binder material comprised of an inorganic adhesive material. On a dry weight basis, the first binder material comprises no more than 5.0% by weight, and the second binder material at least 0.5% by weight, of the total weight of the coating. The second binder preferably comprises an inorganic compound such as calcium oxide, calcium silicate, calcium sulfate, magnesium oxychloride, magnesium oxysulfate, or aluminum hydroxide. In one mode, the second binder is included in the mineral pigment, as in the cases wherein the mineral pigment includes aluminum trihydrate, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium oxide, and some clays and sands. A method of using the coated mat to produce a thermosetting plastic foam laminate panel is also disclosed.

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